China Planning Network (CPN) Urban Transport Ranking System and CPN Whitepaper: State of Urban Transport


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Commissioner's Annoucement

CPN Urban Transport Ranking System &
CPN Whitepaper: State of Urban Transport in China

In collaboration with China’s public media and internet communities, CPN initiates the Urban Transport Ranking System to develop the largest scale, independent, public-participating social surveys on China's urban transport. All the survey data will be published at the CPN website and be available for free to all who study China’ urban transport. We will publish the CPN Whitepaper: State of Urban Transport in China based on the annual surveys and the researches based on these surveys.

We distinguish the responsibilities for method design, data collection and result publication: the scholars and professionals from the West and China are responsible for the methodology of the survey, while the data are collected from the public voting and surveying. CPN is solely responsible for the results, making it, for the first time in China, an independent non-governmental assessment of China's urban transportation.

For the academics, the CPN survey provides food for research on China’s urban transport. We not only intrigue western scholars with China’s issues and questions, but also enable them with our first-hand survey data. This is the best way to attract world scholarship to study China.

For the public, the CPN survey plays two distinct roles:

First, this is not only an information collection exercise, but also an educational process. By participating in the survey, the widest population can learn, from the world transport scholarship, what the key aspects are when we evaluate a city’s transport; what the latest concerns are, such as CO2 footprint, energy consumption, social equity, affordability; what the newest innovations in technology and policies in urban transport are; how to involve in this type of social surveys, etc.

Second and more importantly, the CPN survey is a realistic way of engaging public participation in China.  This is the first time that China’s public can express their views and voices about their urban lives, in an acceptable, yet powerful way.

For the government, given the fact that decision makers in the cities and states pay extraordinary attention to these Ranking results, these concerns can jump onto their agenda right away and can be fed into the decision making process effectively. It is hard for the government to ignore because its methodology is based the best thinking on urban transport the world scholarship and professionals have to offer and its data is from direct public opinions of their own cities and states.

The CPN survey will be held on an annual basis and the ranking framework will be longitudinally consistent to enable year on year comparison. The ranking framework will start within China but it takes into account the international compatibility so that in some years, we can position Chinese cities within the world cities.

We hope that the CPN surveys not only question the various aspects of urban transport, but together add up to a vision that the transport scholars and the public believe as the future direction for urban transport to develop in.

We envision that in five years the CPN Urban Travel Ranking System and the Whitepaper will become the definitive evaluation framework for government policy discussion, the most important data sources for academic research, and the most accessible topics for the public debates and daily dialogue.
The CPN initiative exemplifies three CPN goals:

  1. To encourage more Type II scholars to become Type I scholar
  2. To make advanced scholarly work from the world accessible to the public
  3. To establish CPN’s own stand on social and urban phenomena and have CPN’s own voice in influencing government policies

There will be in one session of the CPN Transport Congress dedicated to the discussion on the Ranking system and whitepaper.



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