China Planning Network (CPN) Teaming Institutes

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT, Chancellor Office
School of Architecture and Planning
Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Center for Real Estate
Center for Transportation and Logistics
MIT, Laboratory for Energy and the Environment (LFEE)
MIT Media Lab
MIT Sloan Automotive Lab
Department of Architecture
International Development and Regional Planning
City Design and Development
Urban Information System

Alliance for Global Sustainability

Harvard US-China Economic Interaction Forum

The Rockefeller Foundation

Tsinghua University

Tongji University

Xinhua News Agency, Outlook Weekly

Xinhua News Agency, Globe Bi-weekly

National Development and Reform Commission, P. R. China

Ministry of Construction, P. R. China

Ministry of Science and Techonology, P. R. China

Department of Transportation, USA

U.S. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
Research and Innovative Technology Administration, RITA

China Association for Science and Technology

China Association of City Planning

MIT/Tsinghua Urbanization Lab

Transit for London

Chicago Transit Authority

University of California at Los Angeles, Institute of Transportation Studies

World Bank City Management and Urban Development Program

Division for Territorial Reviews and Governance, OECD

Transportation Research Board, TRB

World Conference on Transport Research Society, WCTRS

American Planning Association, APA

Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, ACSP

University College London, UCL

Imperial College London

University of Westminster, UK

University of Venice Institute of Architecture, Italy

University of Rome, Italy

China Research Center, Cardiff University, UK

Kobe Design University, Japan

International Association of China Planning

China Urban Public Transportation Association

China Academy of Urban Planning and Design

Chinese Society for Urban Studies]

China Academy of Transportation Science

Wuhan Academy of Urban Planning and Design, China

Guangzhou Planning Bureau, Nansha Branch, China





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